Among the many responsibilities of this appointed board is reviewing and approving the annual budget and setting the tax rate. The board also approves account transfers and special appropriations. It also administers the pension fund and bond issues. The board also serves as the Water Pollution Control Authority and oversees the sewer district.

The chairman of the Board of Finance is also the first selectman. The board meets every second Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in the board room at town hall. Additional meetings are held in February and March and are primarily related to reviewing the town and school budgets. Members are appointed for a four-year term and alternates for two-year terms. Members are: Robert Mallozzi, chairman; Mary Davis Cody, secretary; Neil Budnick, Paul Giusti, Todd Lavieri, Judy Neville, Robert Spangler, C. Daniel Ward and Charles Van Vleet. Alternates are John Kanter, John Sheffield and Sally Hines. Members may be reached by email at