The first issue of the Advertiser appeared on July 25, 1908. The newspaper was the brainchild of John E. Hersam, and the fourth generation of the Hersam family is still active in the business. John E. Hersam’s primary intention in publishing the newspaper was to provide information about New Canaan’s baseball team that team members and townspeople felt was deserved but was not provided by the other paper, the New Canaan Messenger, which eventually ceased publication after only four years, in 1912. John Hersam’s motto — “Grow or Go” — proved prophetic as the newspaper has continued to grow in size and scope over the past 100 years. In 1997, Hersam Publishing merged with the Acorn Press to form Hersam Acorn Newspapers, with a stable of 19 weekly newspapers in Fairfield, New Haven and Westchester counties.

In his weekly New Canaan Advertiser column, Century Notes, author/historian Don Souden excerpts news and advertising items from a 100-year-old issue of the paper.